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Airbus A320 Type Rating

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A320 Type Rating - Renewals and Revalidations

Revalidate or Renew your Airbus A320 Type Rating now with us!


// Welcome to De VINCI Aéro

     At De VINCI Aero, we are focused on delivering high quality aviation training. Our whole philosophy revolves around excellence in deep pilot skill development.

Our Training Packages are designed Above Minimum Required Standards to release your highest potential in flight training and enter the labor market with high above average pilot skills, already recongnized in our industry.

In order to attain our quality goal, we have in-house innovative training assets ranging from our unique R&D, our simultators, to our training programs’ educational design. Our instructors are highly trained to adapt to any learning profile, and they cumulate training experience in major airline companies. You’ll have multiple times as more learning experience compared to any other training program on the market, and your ouput level will be as high as your expectations.


November 01st 2021 /A320 Type Rating (Full session)

November 15th 2021 // A320 Type Rating (Full session)

November 29th 2021 // A320 Type Rating (2 seats available)

December 13rd 2021 // A320 Type Rating (2 seats available)

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// A320 Courses // Pilot Training

  • A320 Type Rating
  • A320 Type Rating + iMCC (integrated  Multi-Crew Coordination)
  • A320 Revalidation / Renewal
  • A320 LVO
  • A320 IR-PBN
  • A320 Airline Screening Preparation
  • Cross Crew Qualification A330/A340 to A320
  • Cross Crew Qualification A380 to A320

// A320 Courses // Instructor Training

  • A320 Initial TRI - unrestricted
  • A320 Initial TRI - restricted
  • A320 Initial SFI
  • A320 TRI Transition Course
  • A320 SFI Transition Course
  • A320 TRI/SFI Revalidation
  • A320 TRI Renewal
  • A320 SFI Renewal


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