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// MASTER CLASS for newly licensed CPL+IR+ME pilots

// General Information

  • Locations : Your home (CBT), Aix-en-Provence
  • Duration : 2+1 weeks


Are you a low-hour CPL IRME pilot?

This course is designed for you if you are a graduated CPL-IR-ME-MCC professional pilot waiting to be recruited.

We have designed the MASTER CLASS to take you to the next level of professional flying skills if you thrive towards excellence.

You Initial training is a great start. But this is only a gentle beginning of your experience acquisition as a professional pilot. You want to continue to consolidate your skills throughout your career.

If it has been a while since you graduated from your CPL-IR-ME-MCC, you might also want to refresh your skills in an optimal way and get the most out of it.

If you know and feel that you are not at your highest potential level as a pilot, the De VINCI Aéro MASTER CLASS program is the right choice for you. 

Why take this course?

The increasingly competitive labor market of airline pilots – now in the context of COVID-19 – is a reality. Because of a higher offer on the market, airlines can allow themselves to be more selective on the quality of the pilots during their recruitment processes. Quality professional pilot skills are not just “nice to have” anymore, they have become a mandatory “must have” if you want to be easily recruited nowadays in the right seat of an airliner. 

How we perfect and prepare you

At De VINCI Aéro, we emphasize on quality training aimed towards the highest level. Our training is provided by senior advanced airline pilot rated instructors, including past division chiefs of airlines. With our in-house instruction knowledge and tools, we are experienced at bringing beginner-level pilots up to the highest standards. Our reputation for delivering fully Airbus A320 Type Rated pilots with an above-average level is recognized in all of Europe by several large airlines including majors.

To elevate you to the highest level of flying skills, our unique and dynamic program is designed with differentiated instruction. This means that we evaluate your strengths and weaknesses, and we then build your unique and tailored training program to consolidate your weak points.

The training program includes Web Based Training from your home, ground courses and simulator sessions at our headquarters. We have you consolidate your skills initially on a Piper Archer PA34. There is nothing like a classic aircraft to tune up your brain for perfect piloting skills. After we have you go through the same systems course that you would do in an A320 Type Rating. We teach you a complete Jet Orientation Course on Airbus A320 that will bring to you to the next level of professional flying.

With this innovative, unique and extensive program, you will regain confidence in your new enhanced flying skills and this give you a great launch into a bright career as a professional airline pilot.

When should you take this course?

 The ideal time to undergo our MASTER CLASS program is between the time that you obtain your professional pilot licenses after leaving your flight school, and the time before you undergo any recruitment process in an airline. This guarantees that you present yourself up to your highest potential to any airline interview. 

// Prerequisitescpl ir me 

// Course Steps

  1. WBT (2 weeks)
  2. CPL IR ME Evaluation
  3. CPL IR ME Training & Perfecting
  4. A320 Ground Course
  5. A320 Simulator sessions (Jet Orientation Course)
  6. Airline Interview Course

// A320 Practical Training


  • WEB BASED TRAINING = 42 hours
  • Ground Courses = 9 hours


  • Briefings = 5 hours
  • SIM PA34 = 10 hours
  • SIM A320 = 9 hours


  • Total GROUND TRAINING = 56 hours
  • Total SIM Flight = 19 hours


  • TOTAL TRAINING = 75 hours

// Reservation Conditions

Please book your training as quickly as possible, as many graduates from most large ATO’s are in demand for the MASTER CLASS program. In order to maintain quality instruction levels, we limit our MASTER CLASS sessions to only 4 persons per group.

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// Our Philosophy

  • Quality oriented
  • Above standard tools
  • Tailored to each trainee
  • Job oriented


Trainees find a job within a year


A320 Type Rating Success Rate


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